Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Dissolve The Pain Body

Incredibly profound and clearly presented information on what creates pain in our life and how to transcend it. I have summarized Eckhart Tolle's points in this video entitled:
How To Dissolve the Pain Body: 

  • Pain is self created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life. The pain you create now is always some form of non-acceptance or resistance.
  • On the level of thought, the resistance within you is some form of judgement. On the emotional level, it is some form of negativity. The intensity of pain depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment. And this in turn depends on how strongly you are identified with your mind.
  • As long as you are unable to access the power of the now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you. It merges with the pain from the past and becomes lodged in your body and mind.
  • Breaking ID With the Pain Body: The pain body does not want you to observe it directly and see it for what it is. The moment you observe the pain body, feel its energy within you, and take your attention into it, the identification is broken. A higher dimension of consciousness has come in. I call it presence.
  • This means that the pain body cannot use you anymore by pretending to be you and it can no longer replenish itself through you.
  • When you thought you knew someone, and then you are confronted with an alien nasty creature for the first time - this is their pain body. It is more important however to observe it in yourself than in someone else.
  • The pain body wants to survive just like every other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it unconsciously gets you to identify with it. It will feed on any experience that resonates with anything that creates pain in any form - basically any negative emotions, illness, violence- So the pain body when takes you over, it will create a situation in your life that reflects back its own energy frequency for it to feed on. In other words, it manifests painful situations.
  • Once the pain body has taken you over, you want more pain, and you become a victim or a perpetrator. You want to inflict pain, or you want to suffer pain, or both.
  • You are not conscious of this of course, and will vehemently claim that you do not want pain. But look closely and you will find that your thinking and feelings are designed to keep the pain going for yourself and others.
  • The pain body may seem like a dangerous monster that you cannot bare to look at, but I assure you it is an insubstantial phantom that cannot prevail against the power of your presence. When you become the watcher and continue to disidentify, the pain body will continue to operate for a while and will try to trick you into identifying with it again. Stay present, stay conscious, be the ever alert guardian of your inner space.
  • The truth is that the only power there is, is contained in this moment. It is the power of your presence. Once you know that, you also realize that you are responsible for your inner space now - nobody else is - and that the past cannot prevail against the power of the now. Unconsciousness creates presence; consciousness transmutes it into itself.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Process: Abraham Follower Gets Amazing Results Manifesting Goals in 30 Days

Abraham of Abraham-Hicks promotes setting goals by not being specific, because being specific often causes resistance to rise in the form of doubts, fears, feeling that you might not deserve the goal.  He also advises us to set a general goal, and then spend the rest of our time letting the goal go and simply relishing positive thinking, having a positive outlook, and engaging in activities that are soothing thereby increasing our vibration and naturally allowing the higher vibrational reality to feed itself to us. 

This is one man’s amazing story about using Abe 30 process to a better life:
He did all of the following:
1.     Wrote out a calendar and looked at it every day writing down all the things that he did to stay happy and positive that day.
2.     Wrote Abe a thank you letter in advance of his success thanking him for each and every thing he wanted manifesting.  The letter included thanks for the perfect job and relationship manifesting.
3.     Every day 2x a day he pictured himself sitting in The Hot Seat (the seat that visitors to Abe’s workshops get selected to go  to ask Abe a question - only a few people get selected out of a 200 person workshop) reading the letter to Abe.
4.     He was not specific – in the past he use to force fill his own grid – forced a job or a girl and was always miserable
5.     He gave all the attributes or qualities that his partner would have without naming or referring to anyone specific
6.     In reading the letter to himself he was in love with the woman that he wrote about without her even being there
7.     When he did things throughout the day that made him happy and kept him in a happy state, he didn’t do it thinking: “I am doing this because it will manifest something I want”  - he did it purely for the happiness of it.  He also wrote each actifity down on the calendar.
At the end of 30 days, he had manifested everything he wanted, including being invited to The Hot Seat by Abe at the workshop he attended.

Abe said lets go over the vibrationally accurate components of your successful strategy:
  • ·      By writing a letter about something that hadn’t happened yet you blurred the lines between present and future
  • ·      This allowed you to focus upon the vibration that allowed you to offer a vibration that wasn’t split, i.e. focusing on what we want, while also focusing on what we don’t want or are trying to heal or get rid of.
  • ·      When you take an easy approach to goals, you are more likely to be inspired, and the inspiration to act is where the importance lies.
  • ·      By practicing the thoughts that felt good about the things that you really care about, you practiced the vibration until you were chronically in the vibration of what you wanted.   Therefore, anything that is a vibrational match to that momentum had to join you there.
  •      We want to point out the difference between being there and attracting a higher vibration manifestations towards you, as opposed to trying to push things along  - its like pushing a noodle.  Pushing doesn’t work.
See the full Youtube at:  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Three Tips To Achieving Goals More Easily


Eckhart Tolle explains more succinctly than any teacher so far why we don't achieve the goals we set out to achieve and what to do differently to achieve those goals. Go the 40 min and 0 second spot of this video to hear more.
Summary of How We Can Achieve Our Goals More Effectively:

1. The incorrect way to visualize on a goal is to project yourself in the future to it, and feel like you need or want this to complete yourself.
2. Instead of projecting yourself into the future, get in touch with the feeling of what it truly feels like to be an actress, a painter, a corporate executive. Where does this power reside inside you - find it. The mistake is not finding the power that is in the present moment  - for more information on being in the present moment, pls visit: 

Whatever goal you have must come from a place of being or consciousness which comes through you out into the world,  instead of reaching out into the world, grasping it, and pulling it in towards you.
3. The goal or vision must be inside you as though it were a reality. Before Eckhat Tolle wrote the world famous book,  "The Power of Now", he had the vision that the book was already written. Had a strong inner feeling that the book was already there. Then had to be open to the energy movement that was already there and letting that energy move wrote the book. Believe that you have already received it. Do not come from lack or scarcity, come from fullness, feel as if you already had it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Formula For Success And Happiness: Go Beyond The Current State of Dissatisfaction


 A New Earth With Eckhart Tolle and Oprah: Video Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPmtf0lZcw

You cannot find happiness by achieving some future goal.  What matters most is to find your inner purpose, which is aligning your life with the present moment. You have to go beyond the current state of dissatisfaction. You enter this moment by becoming one internally with the present moment. You cannot enter it by achieving some future goal. Your inner purpose is to be totally in alignment with where you are and what you are doing by undertaking every activity with complete presence in that moment that you are carrying out that activity.

There is always only, just this one step – the step you are taking right now, so give it your fullest attention. The step you are taking right now is primary and the destination is secondary. What you encounter when you get to your destination depends on the quality of this one step. Whatever you are doing at any given moment – if you give it your best, it leads to the next best moment. This doesn’t mean that you don’t know where you are going.

If there is a dissatisfaction and a denial of the present moment, which is a denial of life because you are not honoring life and because you are not honoring this moment by being open to it, then your future will be full of dissatisfaction and denial. People are living their lives as though the destination is the most important thing.

The unconscious assumption behind all such action is that success is a future event and that the end justifies the means – but the means and the end are one. If the means did not contribute to human happiness then the end will not either. Whatever the end is, it will carry the energy of what it took to get there, or the means.

The true or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. It does not concern what you do but what you are, that is to say your state of consciousness. The most important thing to realize is this: Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns being and is primary and outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary.

Finding and living in alignment with your inner purpose is the foundation of fulfilling your outer purpose. It is the basis of true success. Without that alignment you can still achieve things with effort and struggle but there is no joy in such an endeavor and always results in suffering.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Thought = Vibration and Quantum Physics Can Measure It
Quantum physics tells us that nothing is actually solid.  Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating…..and everything on earth is influenced by it.  Plants grow better when exposed to certain musical vibrations.   Sound vibrations affect the form of molecules.  Words, thoughts and music affect the molecular structure of water.  The human body has a biofield of energy running through and around it affecting mental and physical health.

Simply put, Quantum Physics details the vibrating frequencies of things.  Everything on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies, including our thoughts.  Being the emotional creatures that we are, our thoughts with positive emotions vibrate at a different level than our thoughts with negative emotions.  Quantum Physic scientists are now able to measure these different vibrations.

In the realm of Quantum Physics there is a  Law of Attraction, which states:  “Like attracts like.”  This is useful to know when we are trying to make positive changes in our lives.   No matter what the change is, quit smoking, alleviate stress, changing a bad habit, or increasing abundance, we first have to change our thoughts.

Methods for Increasing Our Personal Vibrations From a Quantum Physics Standpoint:

1.  Focus on What You Do Want:
 Since our thoughts create a vibration, if we don’t change our thoughts first, then we will simply keep attracting the old situation.  Hypnotherapy can give you a good jumpstart on releasing the clinging to the old thought pattern.  The Buddhist Tonglen Practices are also good for releasing the clinging to the old.

2.  Eating Alkaline Foods Vs. Acidic Foods:
One can compile a complicated list of what is acidic and what is alkaline.  Keeping it simple, fruits and vegetables are the most alkaline.  If you cook them, then they are less alkaline, but still more alkaline than everything else. Acid forming foods will also speed up aging and cause a decline in your cardiovascular system.  Some of the most acidic are animal products, fried foods, coffee, alcohol, and aspartame found in artificially sweetened drinks.  Eating an alkaline diet only, is extremely uplifting and energizing.  Anyone suffering from anxiety or depression will immediately feel better by drinking raw vegetable juice prepared in a juicer like an Omega or a Champion. http://wakeupgethealthy.wordpress.com/alkaline-food-vs-acidic-food/

Monday, February 18, 2013

Primary Cause of Drama and Illness in Our Lives & How To Avoid It

The culprint here is the ego. This is not necessarily the same ego that gets puffed up by hitting the winning field goal in a football game, but more a sense of letting the mind run rampant in its negative patterns, as it trounces over our well being and the well being of others.

Eckhart Tolle, currently the world's most highly regarded philosopher and spiritual teacher, describes the ego as follows in a concise and meaningful way: "Most of the so-called bad things that happen in people's lives are due to unconsciousness. They are self-created, or rather ego-created. I sometimes refer to those things as 'drama'. When you are fully conscious, drama does not come into your life anymore. Let me remind you briefly how the ego operates and how it creates drama. Ego is the unobserved mind that runs your life when you are not present as the witnessing consciousness, the watcher. The ego perceives itself as a separate fragment in a hostile universe, with no real inner connection to any other being, surrounded by other egos which it either sees as a potential threat or which it will attempt to use for its own ends. The basic ego patterns are designed to combat its own deep-seated fear and sense of lack. They are resistance, control, power, greed, defense, attack. Some of the ego's strategies are extremely clever, yet they never truly solve any of its problems, simply because the ego itself is the problem.......Furthermore, many types of illnesses are caused by the ego's continuous resistance, which creates restrictions and blockages in the flow of energy through the body. When you reconnect with Being and are no longer run by your mind, you cease to create those things. You do not create or participate in drama anymore." 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle available on Amazon.
More simply and directly stated......the mind loves to create dramas because dramas feed the pain body and the ego will disappear if the pain body is not fed. The ego wants to stay alive, so it supports all of the miscreation of the mind.

1. Be aware of the above dynamic
2. Allow yourself to simply watch the mind as it does its dance - in the same way perhaps that you would watch a child in playing in a sandbox that has a burst of a need to throw the bucket and shovel around and play inappropriately for some unexplained reason. You remain vigilant to the physical safety of the child, but apart from him, unattached, watching the unwinding, not interceding unless safety becomes an issue.
3. Use hypnosis, The Release Method, Law of Attraction, Emotional Freedom Techniques to both release the resistance on the issue at hand draw to you circumstances without drama, and to program the mind towards serene and pleasant circumstances. See the Terms section of my website

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Top Reasons We Don't Achieve Our Goals and Three Workable Solutions.

In today's world just about everyone is schooled in some form of goal setting, combined with visualization.  Certainly, after the movie "The Secret" many people have a Vision Board - visual pictures representing our personal and business goals.  Virtually all Olympiads receive training in visualizing their  successes and accelerating progress in their physical trainings, even athletes who come from conservative backgrounds.  Now days, visualization and using the power of the mind to achieve goals is now just about as common place as apple pie.  So if we know about all these tools and we are using them, why are we sometimes not achieving what we set out to do?

The reasons are threefold:

1. Resistance:  Any mental process that is something less than a glowing mind vision of our highest success is resistance.  The best way to understand resistance is to set a high, unrealistic goal like:   I am going to have $1 million dollars in my bank account by tomorrow.  Go ahead and close your eyes right now, and silently say this goal to yourself.  Let what you have said sink in, and then ask yourself how you feel.  Most people will say something like:  "I don't feel like it will come true",  "I feel undeserving of this amount of money", "This is too short of a time span to expect results".  All of these thoughts are resistance, and they can come up frequently with many of the goals we set.  The solution is to release the resistance.  Solution:  Several good ways to do this are Hypnotherapy, The Sedona Method, EFT, and many forms of breath work. You can search around on Youtube and find demonstrations of these techniques, or look in the next section below for one good example.

2. My Mind Is A Powerful Creation Tool:  In between our Vision Board sessions and visualizations, the mind rolls on, rambling,  and picking up burrs along the way.  If left to its own devices, the mind will default to negative thinking 80% of the time, picking up so many burrs that it turns into a ball of tumbleweed, running rampantly and erratically across our life goals, scratching them, and erasing them.
Solution:  Here are some tips for harnessing this wild beast in between your visualizations:

a.  Prepaving: Set your day when you wake up. Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and think of something positive when you wake up. Look at your day and form  exciting and productive outcomes for each meeting and project throughout the day.  If you have a meeting that day, you might say something like:  "I will feel light and happy throughout the whole meeting.  I will sit next to all the right people, making just the right connections to forward my financial and business goals".
 b.  Short circuit negative thoughts:   When the mind wants to chomp down on some criticism of someone else, or replay a past unpleasant experience, simply say to yourself over and over again:  "My mind is a powerful creation tool".   Say it slowly, distinctly and focus on every word.  When you say this in the face of the unpleasantness you are salivating to rehash, logic will tell you that rehashing it will then created more of the unpleasantness.  This is usually enough to stop the spin.
c. Appreciation:  Once you experience relief, then immediately find something to appreciate.  The key to appreciation is to find something that you REALLY appreciate.  For example, it is much better to appreciate the fact that you are a good car mechanic and can take care of most of your own car needs, then it is to try to stretch the appreciation to something you think you SHOULD  be able to appreciate like your business  flourishing, when in reality you had a few good months, but more bad months.

3. Lack of Positive Emotion When Visualizing On Goals:   If you can figure out how to imbue each one of your goals with emotions, do so.  Love is the most powerful emotion.  If your goal is to make more money, imbue it with love like this:  "My partner and I can use this money to take nicer more intimate vacations together", or "I have more time to spend with kids or grand kids", or "I can now give money to help build schools in under served areas".

Many blessings to you in the New Year

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forgiveness Isn't Necessary: Why People You Have Disagreed With Are Golden Launch Pads

Instead of holding grudges against
challenging people we should be giving them
standing ovations for their diagnostic
genius in providing the perfect prescription for
what needs to be cleaned up within us.

While relaxing over the holidays, I was amused at the number of times that a previous acquaintance, co-worker, or friend came to my mind, with whom I had had a challenging encounter.  I support and admire all who truly forgive, but I am more amazed by the Law of Attraction's explanation of this dynamic. Forgiveness assumes the following flawed premise:  Somebody did something to us that was wrong and it assumes we have a grudge.

We are all subject to the laws of the universe, such as gravity. Another law, called Law of Attraction states that whatever we vibrate we manifest into our lives.  Our vibration is determined by what we think about, ponder, subjects of rumination - such as the past, present and future of our lives.  Therefore, whenever challenges enter our lives - people or events - we attracted them through our vibration.  Instead of holding grudges against challenging people, we should be giving them standing ovations for their diagnostic genius in providing the perfect prescription for what needs to be cleaned up.  Whatever ill feeling has occurred, we have just been given a solution equivalent to six months of therapy at ninety dollars an hour.

One process for accessing this solution, lies in the energetic explanation of Law Of Attraction.  When we experience an unpleasant emotion from a current circumstance or past remembrance, we launch a rocket of desire for a new and improved set of life conditions.  Once this rocket is launched, the universe responds and holds the completed, improved situation in vibrational escrow, a kind of a trust fund waiting for our emotional maturation.  Our goal is then to increase our vibration so that we are a vibrational match to this manifested vision.  Once this happens then we get access to the escrow or trust fund. 

Therefore, in the case of challenging human interactions the steps are as follows:

Step One:  Acknowledge The Rocket They Helped You To Launch: 
"Through my life experience with you I have given birth to something different. I am going to leave you where you are to tend to your own reality, while I hold to the new and improved vision that you helped me to conger.”

Step Two:  Acknowledge That Improving Your Vibration Will Heal All:
"Challenging Person, when I get so good at appreciating the rocket you helped me to launch, my challenges with you will become irrelevant and our former troubled relationship will become irrelevant, because I will have become a vibrational match to my dreams and they will be fulfilled."

One possible result of our new vision is that the person involved will change their behavior.  In other words, our improved vibration inspires a new way of being from this person as they interact with us.   The second way that our vision may manifest is through new people entering our lives.  There are a world full of beings out there who are already a vibrational match to what we want.  When we become a vibrational match to what we want, these beings must come to us. 

Step Three:  Increase Vibration:
There are clear easy to use processes, such as the Sedona Method and focus wheels, that help us improve our thoughts and emotions thereby increasing our vibration. Please see my blog dated August 11, 2010:  "Increasing Vibration" for a full explanation.  Also see my webpage which discusses releasing methods:  www.deborahbird.com, then click on "Terms"

The universe is orchestrating circumstances and events to accommodate us on every subject in the world – not just relationships.  If what we want is not coming to us, it’s not because we are deprived.  It is simply that we are a temporary vibrational mismatch to what we are seeking.  This brand new year I give not an olive branch to my challenging people, but a mint leaf, in gratitude for the fresh and lively new start that each and every one of them has inspired within me.  No grudges and no forgiveness necessary.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Pledge

This blog will discuss:

1) How using the Sedona Method can provide immediate relief for long held problems. The Sedona Method is a simple, yet profound, technique for removing resistance. Instead of pushing against emotions such as doubt, frustration, failure, The Method coaches participants to welcome, accept, let go of the emotion. 
2) Taking The Pledge:   A process which fully enacts the law of attraction based on the teachings of Abraham.
3)  These processes can be applied to any long held problem in the areas of career, health, money, and relationship.

Yesterday, I decided to apply the Law of Attraction in a conscious minute-by-minute experiment, so I created The Pledge, which established a new life priority.  Some of the results were quite magical and will hopefully be useful to others. 

The Pledge:  Instead of promoting my business, lining up clients, figuring out new health strategies, going to social functions, making new business and social contacts, or racing around town “getting things accomplished”, I now have new life priorities that look like this: 

1) Sorting All Mental and Physical Activities:  Every movement, action and thought will be observed consciously, evaluated and selectively sifted, letting those that  might result in an unpleasant emotion fall through the sieve and be washed away, leaving only the golden nuggets in the sieve, which will create good feelings.
2) Segment Intending, Prepaving and Milking:  I will segment intend and prepave to get into states of appreciation, or I will simply observe what currently is pleasing  in my life, the fall trees, the ability to work from home.  Once I start to lock into appreciation, I will embellish and relish this harvest.
3) Stray Thoughts and Emotions: Any stray, unpleasant emotions, which infiltrate this process, will be immediately released.  I will stop whatever I am doing and thank the problem for showing me where I am stuck vibrationally and then begin releasing.
4) Rationale:  The Law of attraction states that when we have good feeling thoughts we go into a high vibrational state, which allows our natural abundance to manifest. Stated more practically and bluntly,  it cuts the to do list down to one…..our priority is to have good feeling thoughts whatever it takes.  Success is always evaluated by the condition of our lives. Our lives are the perfect reflection of everything that we been vibrating up until this point. 

My hypothyroidism has been crushing me for the past three days.  This problem has arisen, my mind is telling me, as a result of staying in a vacation cabin.    I found out they sprayed insecticides about two weeks ago and I am obsessing on the estrogen mimickers found in all insecticides.  “Here we go again, when will the world realize the dangers in these substances that have led to the current epidemic of hypothyroidism.” I feel myself sliding into anger.   “I need to fix this by moving, by opening windows, by washing all the floors and cabinets.  I am getting the effects of estrogen dominance.”

Ignoring my discomfort, which has been a life long challenge, and focusing on my Pledge instead…”Remember the Pledge, remember nothing else matters, but The Pledge”.  Although the anger has already risen into my head, reflecting the over emotionality associated with this disease. I grasp to refocus, but am unable to do so.  A sumo wrestler is now pressing with all his might down on my shoulders making my fit, trim body feel like the body of a patient in an obesity clinic.   The local pool cleaning company seems to have used their super vacuum to suck  all loving and happy emotion from my heart, leaving only the standard crabby shell of a human now sitting here in this kitchen chair.

With great effort, I force myself to begin the process of releasing resistance. I try the Sedona Method holistic technique, which alternates between welcoming the problem and welcoming the opposite of the problem, or the healed version.  “Can you welcome your incessantly sick body”.  That I can do.  Now for the healed version: “Can you welcome the vibrantly healthy body that you deserve.”  I feel a door slam in my face meaning a big “No”, which is okay because now, in accordance with the Sedona Method, I can push it away as much as I want to, rebel against this image as much as I want to, or welcome how stuck I am with this side of the holistic – all wonderful techniques, none of which are resulting in any movement for me at the moment.

I know that the word “deserve” is my challenge in the way I worded this release.  Anyone who exercises rigorously and regularly, participates in verified methods of cleansing, eats raw foods and vegetarian foods, participates in mental fortification regularly DESERVES to be healthy- whether it is me or anyone else.  

I keep fishing and land on: “Can you welcome the impossibility of having the healthy body that you deserve?” Goodness knows, after everything I have done to get well, it must be impossible.  I can feel in my gut that I have hit the core of the issue. I begin to feel movement, however at the same time, I feel overwhelming discomfort,  I want to stop releasing and go get something to eat.  I have come to understand this feeling of needing to shift, as a sign that I am releasing well.  Also, I remember my Pledge to release and completely release.  This sense of completeness is a distinct feeling like a wave washing over me, which then sends me into oneness.  Therefore, I continue with my odd version of the holistic, going back and forth between the healed me and the impossibility of being healthy.   Finally to my amazement, the right before my eyes the hypothyroidism begins to lift.  The sumo wrestler stops pushing as hard on my shoulders; I have graduated from the obesity clinic, having lost a few hundred pounds; my mind is optimistic, and there is now an almost human form sitting on the kitchen chair. Welcoming the impossibility of a healthy body was key for me in this release.

“I feel the urge to run”. I am dismayed that I can think of running one hour after the onset of my discomfort.   Although running has a strange way of turning on the hypothyroidism, especially in the afternoon, but I decide to do it anyway.  My run turns out to be exhilarating and I soak up the colorful fall scenery.

As I begin my standard yoga exercises that follow my run, I become aware of some chronic thoughts that have infiltrated my Pledge screening process. I am vaguely aware that under several layers of consciousness, I am complaining:  “I exercise so much and my body is still so feeble.  I can’t believe I have exercised my whole life and I still feel diminished much of the time. Often my exercises exacerbate the hypothyroidism in the short term, so I exercise diligently and get kicked in the pants afterwards with super fatigue – some times as long as the rest of the day.”  I am acutely aware that some version of this tape plays every time I exercise – yikes!

I welcome the chronic thought patterns of illness, and then begin doing a focus wheel on my physicality:  “I have had the fortitude and intelligence to exercise my whole life. No matter what, I keep going.  I have exercised every two to three days without fail for years.  I am so lucky to have the mental strength to engage in this healthy activity.  I know my diet has increased my vibration”.  Then I branch off from the official focus wheel process and start appreciating all the fall leaves around me and the amazing fresh air that I live in now.  My yoga is easier today and I feel especially revitalized.

After freshening up, I look in the mirror and I can’t believe who I see looking back.  A radiant, energy filled woman, who looks years younger than this morning.  I am racing with energy and good cheer. By applying The Sedona Method and the law of attraction, I have turned around three days of serious and medium serious hypothyroidism. By no means do I think that this episode represents the end of this health issue, nor do I wish for that.  Having improved my material life significantly and shed many nagging and recurring stresses, I embrace my hypothyroidism for what it brings me.  It is Source Energy knocking on my door saying:  “Hey Deborah, you’ve done a great job of increasing your vibration through all your practices, and we are doing a good job of calling you to the new and improved you, but the old thought patterns and ways of being are creating a big gap between the new you and the old you.  For now we are going to really get your attention and label the gap ‘hypothyroidism’, but you know its just our way of telling you that you have got to get up to speed with the new, higher vibration you.”   In bliss, I now begin to happily milk these good feeling states and surprising sucesses by writing about them, thinking about them, re-living them, and embellishing them.

Deborah is avialable for coaching sessions and trainings at:  deborah@deborahbird.com

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bossess With Fangs or Vibrations With Fangs

This blog will discuss:
1) The unknown causes of conflict with supervisors;
2) The steps for releasing the conflict;
3) How to relieve work stress.

Last week I received an email from a friend who is having challenges at work.  He relayed an email sent to him from his supervisor, which was rudely worded, demanding a set of engineering drawings from him in a short amount of time that everyone long ago agreed were unnecessary.  I took a deep breath and hopefully exhaled one hundred percent of my former work life.  As my friend is a conscientious, thoughtful and spiritual person, I also felt relief that people can be good and still be mistreated by management.  In other words, I was not a bad person because I had a long string of bosses, who could have successfully auditioned for the role of Frankenstein just by being themselves.  By harnessing the law of attraction and following the below steps, I have eliminated this dynamic from my life.

When dealing with work place conflict, the first step is to understand that the goal in all our endeavors is to take the path of least resistance.  The way we gauge our path is by our emotions.  As much as possible, we should feel like we are swimming downstream instead of upstream, or we should feel good; we should feel ease and flow.  When we have that upstream feeling or feel unpleasant, we need to find better feeling thoughts.  The key is to remember it is your emotional journey that matters.  Your emotions determine your personal vibration on a given issue.  When your vibration rises to a higher level, then you float towards your natural abundance.

For example:  Your boss sends you a preposterous email stating several things that aren’t true and starts blaming you for some long held guideline that they originally established, but now have decided they don’t like anymore.

To cross the threshold into the emotional journey where your freedom lies, you must accept that it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong.   The truth is irrelevant and your attempts to demonstrate that you are upholding the truth do nothing but dig a grave. Yes, sad but true  .... where is Abe Lincoln when you need him. You must accept that you are not there to show what needs to be fixed and fix it.   Let go of how wrong your boss is because its contaminating your mind; it is an upstream thought. See the following Youtube for a good explanation of this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvBhqsa_1zE&feature=related

As someone who has dedicated my life to spiritual pursuit,  it was hard to accept  that honesty, kindness, and charity, did not lead to a good life.  In my old thinking, those who did good in the world built good karma and those who did evil built bad karma, resulting in a good or bad life respectively.   We see the same kind of logic in the Christian traditions with:  “Your reap what you sew.”  Rather than advising people to let go of concepts they may hold dear, I advise that they see them peacefully co-existing with new concepts.   I have found that goodness and virtue are irrelevant in determining what manifests in life.  I am not recommending that they be discarded.  Virtues have significance, just no creative power. 

Moreover, for those who have studied leading edge methods of creation, I have found that visualization, affirmations and prayer take a back seat in creative power to the power of the second by second stream of thoughts washing through us, usually unobserved.  When I began watching, I became aware of a tsunami of negative thoughts:  reruns on past occurrences that were usually belittling in some way, judgments of others, complaints about my current situation.

In order to swim downstream, you must find pleasing thoughts.  In the case of my friend, workplace conflict is a repeating pattern for him, to the point where he has been let go numerous times.  Since the condition of our lives in this moment shows us what our thought patterns have been previous to now, I know that he has been regurgitating the past.  When something hurtful happens to us, we tend to remember it, ponder it, defend it, and try to figure out who is right and who is wrong.  All this does is create more of it. 

The healing of this is threefold: 1)  Welcome the negative thought, or allow it to peacefully exist, side by side with you for a few moments.  For a detailed explanation of welcoming see the "Terms" section of:  www.deborahbird.com,  2)  Then focus on some aspect of your boss that is pleasing, however small:  He is a good writer, his communication is clear, he keeps his office very neat, I like his taste in briefcases.   You can then begin to do a focus wheel.  See for detailed description of how to do a focus wheel, see blog dated 8/4/10 “Burning Up The Gap”.  3) Look at the day from the perspective of a sculptor.  Every day you wake up and you have the opportunity to sculpt a perfect life.  In this case, the clay is your thoughts. Everyday when I wake up I say:  “Today it is my primary intent to focus on things which are pleasing to me.  By appreciating my life and all the beauty in my environment, I am accessing an incredible power that has the ability to sculpt a beautiful future for myself.  I use to participate in sloppy creating by letting my thoughts run wild in remembering, justifying or figuring out the past. Now I see them as incredible creative tools and today I will use them properly.”  Now, according to Abraham-Hicks, you have exchanged the power that creates worlds for the peanut gallery that wasn’t helping you anyway.  By applying these processes, you will reach the place where you have a positive, nurturing work environment.

When conflict arises, it certainly warrants an attempt at discussion and understanding.  If your boss’s lights are on, there will be a meaningful exchange and you will hear one another, and there will be movement.  If their lights are not on, you will get bizarre statements in response to your questions, your boss will blame you, talk over you and not listen.  The situation will be worse than when you started. If the lights are not on, make no further attempts at verbal resolution.  Respond politely and accurately to all requests for information and float above all attempts to ignite you into defense and debate.

 Your boss has just shown you what needs to be cleaned up in your vibration for you to move forward in this life.  You don’t have a Frankenstein boss; you have a Frankenstein vibration surrounding the issue of bosses. Lucky you, you have just clearly identified how to float downstream, where all your abundance awaits you – who wants to stay in the same old stuck place – congratulations!  Freedom is around the corner…… with love to my dear friend Victor!